Monday, July 21, 2008

Fremont Sunday Market

Every Sunday, 34th Streeet between Phinney and Evanson shuts down to make way for food, antique, and artisan vendors at the Fremont Sunday Market. Since its inception in 1990, the Fremont Sunday Market has contributed to the vitality of the Fremont neighborhood and includes vendors selling antiques, jewelry, food (although only five food booths are allowed at the market), clothing, outsider art, shoes and furniture. The Fremont Sunday Market is open year round, with many of the same vendors coming back each week.

Tiegan, who sells Outsider Art, has been selling at the market since its inception. She’s been coming back “because she is a masochist,” she says. “Anyone who thinks that they can make money here is nuts.”

Skyler has been a vendor at the market for two years. Typically, he represents Clearwire, but this particular Sunday, Skyler is selling rummage. Skyler keeps coming back to the market, he says “because it is better than Ballard; the people who come here are better, even though you could make more money at Ballard. He would like to get into the University Street Fair; unfortunately, however, he says, “it is run by assholes.”

The Fremont Sunday Market is certainly not run by assholes, and is a wonderful way to spend a Sunday finding one-of-a-kind treasures, things that you cannot find regularly in a store. From the market, you can sample chocolates at Theo’s, do some grocery shopping at PCC, or like some friends of mine do, hit the Woodland Park Zoo.

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