Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bubble Tea

Perhaps one of the more curious fads that has sprung up in the past ten years is Bubble tea. I believe that bubble tea originated in Taiwain, but has certainly spread way beyond. In Seattle's University district, for example, you can find many shops that exclusively sell bubble tea! These shops are often arranged in casual sit-down style, with some couches and tables, and oftentimes with fun board games to play when you sit and eat/drink bubble tea with your friends!
Which brings me to the most important aspect of this entry: bubble tea itself. Are you actaully eating it or drinking it? Hmmmm....that is a deep thought, since you drink the tea, but the little tapiocia that you suck through the straw needs to be chewed on and then swalled (eaten).
Bubble tea is exceptionally fun in that there are so many combinations of flavors and choices that you could never possibly try them all. In the more sophisticated bubble tea shops, you can choose from twenty to thirty fruit flavors, and then choose whether you want slushy, milk, or milk slushy! In addition, not all bubble tea needs to have tapiocia; you can choose from vaious kinds of jelly, including mango or fruity. (Although in my personal opinion the tapiocia is the best!!)

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Ruby Lime design said...

Hi there, thanks for your comments on my blog. I like your purses too! They look great with all the fabric combinations. I like bubble tea too, and I lived in Taiwan for year so I can verify it does come from there and is very popular. I like the plain tea flavoured one the best myself.

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