Thursday, October 30, 2008

California Zepher

I just spent a most enjoyable 50+ hours aboard the Amtrak California Zepher!!!! This train took me all the way from Chicago to San Francisco. I met many colorful characters on board, including 'Chris' the devout Buddhist/ski bum who was making his way from the UP out to Salt Lake City to work at a ski resort and join a Buddhist Community! And "Jay", the New York gambler and the foreign dude from France who was all too outspoken for his disdain for Republicans!!!!!
The California Zepher left Chicago at the strategic hour of 2:00, which meant that we passed through the cornfields of Nebraska at night and hit scenic Colorado during the day, and Utah at night, then the Sierras during the day! We actually had a guided tour for the Nevada/California portion of the tour, which made it extra enjoyable!
The staff aboard the Zepher were most pleasant and cordial, and we also got to eat community style meals in the dining car!!
The one downside to traveling aboard a train for this amount of time, I must admit, however, is the inability to shower for the LONG period of time!!!

Contrary to popular belief, the Amtrak train does in fact arrive ON TIME!!! We actually arrived into Emeryville an hour early!

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Josh said...

hello meg. this is Josh, the new york gambler. it was really lovely meeting you and getting to know you just a little. I hope your trip has been eventful, I'm sure it has, and I'd love to hear from you again to know how you're doing. And by the way, it's spelled Zephyr

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