Thursday, October 2, 2008

Metropolitan Museum of Art

I just visisted the Metropolitan Meseum of Art, locaed just on the East side of Central Park in Manhattan!!!! Fortunatly I attended with my ultra-savvy sister, who informed me that we did not have to pay the suggested donation of $20, and we each made it into the museum only having paid $1 each!!! We hit the highlights tour, and saw all the sections of this wonderful museum, including artwork from Ancient Greece, Rome, Italy, Spain, France, Renaissance, and the United States! The Museum is built to represent the architecture from both Rome and Greece. We discovered many exciting things on the tour. Did you know that the French Impressionist movement may not have been possible had it been for the invention of paint tubes in 1841? This allowed painters to be outdoors outside; Monet, for exmaple, would be working on up to 20 canvases at the same time while painting one scene; he would switch canvases as the light changed.
Also, in order to mummify a body, you must first remove the lungs, stomach, liver, and intestines. The heart was left in, as the Egyptians believed that this measures a person's life (light heart for a good life, heavy for a bad one). The brain was sucked out through the nose, and the mummifying process takes about 2 1/2 months!!
These are just a few of the exciting things that I learned from my tour of the Museum of Modern Art. (Oh...I also learned that you aren't suppossed to sit on the railing outside of the museum).

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