Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Yorker Festival

While in Manhattan, I had the opportunity to visit the wonderful New Yorker Festival!! (and I only had to wait in line for five hours to get the tickets!)
The first panel discussion that I attended was called "If I was running this campaign" with Diana Brazile (Al Gore campaign manager), Joe Trippi (John Edwards), Alex Costellanos (Romney), and Edward J. Rollins (Huckabee)!! They discussied all sort of political topics, including why Hillary lost in Democratic nomination (too reliant on resume and ran an unfocused campaign with multiple objectives), why Obama won (stay focused on his slogan of change, and created a sort of 'brand" for himself). Some other interested topics that came up included how the elitist's disdain for Palin is actually helping her campaign in that it makes her more appealing to people like myself, and how McCain's Campaign failed to maintain the momentum that it established after the Convention. (Or did the economy mess up his campaign for him??)
The second panel discussion was called "Young Shakespeareans" and included Ethan Hawke, Kristin Johnston, Martha Plimpton and Leiv Schreibner. Except for the fact that Kristin Johnston managed to interrupt eveyone and dominate the discussion, this was an informative and interesting discussion on Shakespearean acting!!

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