Monday, November 10, 2008


The enlightened northwest city which has actually dedicated some of is public funding towards creating a modern public transportation system, rather than dumping millions and billions of dollars into huge expensive sports stadiums (for teams that then sign contracts with other cities...)

I arrived in Portland just in time for a 10-day rain forecast (the weather man was dead-on), and also just in time for Wordstock!! This awesome event took place mostly at the Convention Center in NE Portland, but the opening night was a poetry slam at the Baghdad Theater in Hawthorne!!! It was my first ever poetry slam and it was really fun!!!
The convention center had lots and lots of authors and kiosks for local publishers and writers. Probably the most important writer I heard was David Porter, author of "Hell on Earth" who lost his home to a fire in San Bernadino. Porter reminded all of us "that there truely is the day before a fire and the day after." So true.

I have also been adding important new words to my vocabulary, like 'firkin', which is British Cask for holding beer.

Did you know that there are more microbreweries per person in Portland than any where else in the US? There are.

And I have met dozens of bleeding-heard liberals who have allready persuaded me that in order to save the planet I am going to have to 1) join a commune, 2) drink only rain water, and 3) join the campaign to quarentine Sarah Palin to a tiny island on the Alaskan Archipelago (visible by land only to Russians :)

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