Saturday, November 1, 2008

Survivor: 2008

We are nearly approaching the end of the final episode of what has possibly been the most gripping reality television show of the year: the Presidential Election of 2008.

The season has thrown us its share of curve balls, with the financial crisis in September that gave Obama a majority in the polls, the shocking elimination of Hillary, and the emergence of the sole feminine polititican, Sarah Palin.

As we wait in suspense over whether Obama or McCain will survive in the final elimination round, we no doubt are also asking ourselves how we are going to entertain ourselves when we are no longer watching our favorite I mean politicians as they appear on Saturday Night Live, The View and David Letterman.

According to the polls it appears that Obama will win, possibly due to the fact that the majority of voters are hoping to elect a leader who is committed to praying five times a day that China and Japan will forgive us our national debt.

The undecided voters, however, may cause an upset, as they arrive at the polls Tuesday morning, still scratching thier heads over which candidate will reverse this nations most troubling issue; a national trend that has reduced cigarette smoking to something that can only now take place in dark alleys with the heroine addicts.

Fortunatly for us, several of the season's most colorful characters have assured us that even if eliminated, they will maintain a national profile; Palin as the cover girl for Maybelliene, and Joe the Plumber and McCain touring the country in a Blue's Band.

My only criticism of this election campaign is that, unlike the Presidentail election of 2004, it did not include a cameo from Osama bin Laden.

Outside of this omission, I would have to say that the presidential election of 2008 truly has been entertainment at its best.

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