Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Winter Holiday

Ahh, December. Time for us to drag out holiday tree out of the basement, turn on the Charlie Brown Christmas special, and sit down before the hearth with a cup of cocoa and write winter solstice cards to the friends and loved ones who we are planning to ask favors from in 2009.

I especially enjoy this time of year for the kitschy taste that it brings out in people; holiday wreaths duct-taped to the front of automobiles, multi-colored light necklaces that blink on and off, and my personal all-time favorite, a larger than life inflatable statue of Homer Simpson on a Madison Park lawn, dressed up as Santa Claus with a box of doughnuts in his hand ;)

Christmas in Washington comes with its share of controversial drama; atheists and religious right protesting around the never-ending debate of whether or not it is most inclusive to commemorate this festive time of year with a manger scene in front of the state capital, or a menorah, or a statue of John Waters dressed up in drag.

I will be making the long journey home to see the rents, not so much because I enjoy receiving an annual lecture from my mother, but because I know that there is a shadow of a chance that there will be an iphone waiting for me underneath the holiday tree.

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