Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yellow Raft in Blue Water

Yellow Raft in Blue Water is a really really really good book. I first read it in high school, but revisited it again when I was 25, and have since then read it several times, including listening to book on CD while I was in Tajikistan.

This book is good because it emphasizes the differences in perspective people have on the same experience. It starts out telling the story of Rayona, a teenage girl born to divorced parents. Then it tells the story of Rayona's mother, Christine, and finally of Christine's mother, Ida. Many of the same experiences are re-told in each story, but from a different character's perspective.

Probably I like this book because it takes the experiences of several broken women and dramatizes it, offering explanations for why they ended up where they did, and what motivated their decisions. Also it takes place in Montana and Seattle, and has a strong emphasis on Native American Spirituality.

Michael Dorris outdid himself with this book, and the untimely end that he made for himself was rather tragic.

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