Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Carol

I volunteer for CAN here in Portland; Creative Advocacy Network; and this weeekend I manned the booth at Portland Center Stage and as a favor for volunteering we got tickets to the show a Christmas Carol~!

It was showing in the main theater and what a wonderful production I found it to be. I have seen this several times, I can even remember watching the Disney version when I was just five or six years old!

It was of course sad to see Scrooge pass up his opportunity for a full, joy-filled life of marriage and children in exchange for the pursuit of money, but also so nice to see his change of heart at the end, when he buys the largest turkey in town and has it delivered to Tiny Tim's house.

I sort of liked the Disney version better, where the ghost of Christmas future is Goofy, but the ghosts in this version were quite nice as well....the ghost of Christmas present (where Scrooge gets to see his nephew make a laughing stock of him at Christmas dinner) was dressed in a long red dress with a wand and a pointed red cap.

The show didn't have an intermission, it was about two hours long, but it didn't really need one. It flowed very nicely and not once was I bored!!!!

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