Monday, January 18, 2010

I sew cute

I first discovered Isewcute on etsy, where I was quite smitten by her wonderful resin jewelry. Then just a few weeks ago, I saw pictures on craftster for several items she was making; a purse for a friend, and a four-leaf clover for a friend battling cancer. It is neat to see the products and then also to know where they are going. A little vouyeristic, maybe, but also very personal.

The name "Isewcute" communicates the brand very clearly since all of her products are very cute. I need to find a person for whom I can buy some resin jewelry..hmmm..possibly my youngest sister, who's birthday is just around the corner (or kind of anyway; it's in April).

As many craft artists find, Isewcute clearly works proficiently in a varity of mediums; embroidery, sewing, baking, resin pendants, and drawing. Why put a cap on this love of craft by focusing on just one medium, I say? Multiply the diversity and multiply the fun.

Isewcute also does a comprehensive job of promoting herself on the internet, with a blog, etsy store, craftster profile, flickr, and twitter account (and quite possibly more, for all I know!)

Check out this hilarious blog post.....cookie cutters from the leg lamp on "A Christmas Story"!

What was your favorite scene from "A Christmas Story"?
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