Tuesday, January 26, 2010

New and Improved Jo Bean?

I have been doing some experimenting in my design studio, and have come up with this:

Yeah, I know, kind of a pathetic pictures, but I think that I like these changes to the Jo Bean. I have added a side pocket with a bow, and flap over the top, and also have added a loop for the strap, so that it can adjust between a long strap (ie torso strap) or a short strap.

I'm going to keep working on this......and ask my mom and sister, who I'm having dinner with later this week, what they think about it as well.

Have been listening to the soundtrack to the Wedding Singer while taking these photos.....really good. David Bowie, Adam Sandler, Billy Idol.

How come I haven't listened to this before? It has been sitting with all the rest of my CDs for maybe 2 years now.

What are your reactions to the new purse?
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