Friday, February 5, 2010

Chicks and Girlies

Handbag 101 just featured Chicks and Girlies, which is how I came to discover this interesting line of purses based out of Sasketchewan.

What most intrigues me about "Chicks and Girlies" is that all of the handmade leather bags are one of a kind, and the designer, Sheri Sopczak, makes them without a pattern.

It makes me wonder then how long one purse would make, and I marvel that she is able to make a functional purse "on the first try", although she does mention in her bio at Hangbag 101 that she has cried many tears over improperly cut pieces of leather that must then be wasted.

On the flipside of making OOAK purses, Sheri must never get tired of the creative process. She must have many many ideas running around in her head, and she gets to execute them all. Unlike myself; who has a lot of ideas but doesn't come close to executing all of them.

Sheri she has a little-girls clothing line; after reading more about her I discovered that she actually has triplets (all girls, 8 years old) and makes clothing designed for girls that age.

The little boy who I am taking care of right now has been screaming for 15 minutes, apparently he isn't ready for his nap.

Anyhoo........Chicks and Girlies purses are made with bright bold colors, yes I would like to own one. I especially like this diper bag. It is a really fashionable one. It has a drawstring closure, and I think that I just like those colors green and black togetether Kind of trendy, but nice.

Chicks and Girlies also has a FaceBook Fan Page.

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