Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fayth Pouch

The Fayth Pouch is a little pouch that I designed just before Christmas last year, or maybe it was more like in November. Anyway, it was pretty recently.

I have been getting into putting pleats into my purses, and the Fayth is no exception. It has one central pleat, and the top part of the pouch is lined with jean. The Fayth is 5" high by 5" wide (6" at the base) and is machine washable. It was also made from recycled materials.

Also, the Fayth closes with a 4" zipper.

I have found that I really really like this little pouch; I think that it is large enough to hold some big things, like keys and a cell phone, and the zipper makes smaller things like small change secure. Additionally, it takes a relatively short time to make, which is why I can sell it for only $8.

The Fayth is named after a lady who I knew up in Seattle who had a 1-2 year old boy, KJ, just the same age as the little boy, Jordon, who I nannied for, and so we would get together a lot so that the kids could play.

Fayth has a very spazzy personality, and is the kind of person who is very much into sending out lots and lots of e-mail forwards. Her e-mail forwards tend to be the kind with very unusual or beautiful pictures of nature or else the kind that attempt to be mildly or (as in some cases) very amusing.

Kind of like this moon shot she sent to me in March of 08 (cannot believe it was THAT long ago!), that I thought was totally awesome.

Don't you agree? I even had this as my screen saver for a great while.

I haven't had an e-mail forward from Fayth in awhile however, but that is OK. If she had started to send me too many, I might have had to put her into my e-mail filter, which has been the unfortunate fate of some of my friends and acquaintances.

Those e-mail forwards, no matter how fascinating or funny, can at times get to be so goddamned annoying. I had a friend, for example, who would send out e-mail forwards in two categories; one for "funny" and the other for "spiritual". The spiritual e-mails would be long and interesting explanations on various saints or Holy Days in the Catholic Church, or about random people who I had never heard of who were in desperate need of prayers, because ie they had just been in a terrible accident, had just died, had a deadly disease, etc.

His funny e-mails actually were really funny. Or funny for me anyway, since I happen to have a cheesy sense of humor, just like him. For example, he sent out an e-mail once about the existence of Bigfoot (I think that he claims to have seen big foot at one point out in Oklahoma), or another of my faves was a u-tube video of a man who got sent to the doghouse for buying a vacuum for his wife for Christmas. See what I mean? Sort of light, amusing humor. Oh, another one....after the fiscal crash in 2009, a video of professionals (in business suits) being picked up the way migrant workers are, in the back of a truck, to go do day labor. He's the kind of guy who thinks that Idiocracy is very funny. (You know~that Mike Judge movie.)

Despite their quality of being interesting or funny however, the e-mails had the unfortunate additional quality of being FREQUENT. Very frequent, as in 2-3 times a day of frequency. I didn't have the heart to ask him to stop sending them to me however, and so now his e-mails are going to the section of my g-mail account reserved for spam. So sad, to see a friendship come to an end just because someone has a fetish for e-mail forwards.

So anyway, back to the point (although at this point I cannot BELIEVE that anyone would still be reading, after my long and pointless tirade): The Fayth. A great practical pouch. Buy it here Only 8 bucks. You will love it, I know ;)
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