Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jo Bean Purse

I'm out with a new and improved fun Jo-Bean purse. The only really dramatic change is that the strap on the torso-strap version of the purse now secures with a bow. I was ambivalent about making lots of changes and/or adjustment to this purse, and finally decided that it would be the "KISS" purse; just a simple practical purse without lots of frills. There really is a market for that; my sister Lizzy (pictured in the photos) says that it is her favorite purse in my line.

I just started to use the JoBean with the long-strap-bow and found that I really like it! I measured the length of the strap so that the bow would hit just about at the chest.

Of course, since it is a bow, then a person can also adjust the size however they might choose.

The JoBean is named after my youngest sister, who's actual name is Madeline Josephine, but among her many nicknames we have sometimes resorted to calling her "JoBean".

The Jo Bean has a front and back pocket that close with buttons (as pictured above) plus two interior pockets with pen holders. Some of the Jo Beans close with a zipper, and some with a button. Everything on the purse is made from recycled materials, except for the zippers, and the purse is machine washable.

These Jo Beans will be available for sale at my website and etsy store later on this week!
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