Saturday, February 6, 2010

Kristin Grocery Bag

The Kristin Grocery Bag is a purse that I designed last fall/winter. I was walking home from Albertsons one day and I started to think about the grocery bag that I was holding in my hand. When I got home and had unpacked my groceries, I laid the bag out flat and decided that I would attempt to create a grocery bag from the same dimensions. And so the Kristin came to be.

The first few Kristin bags that I made proved to be heinously difficult. It can be difficult to work with some jean material because it stretches and doesn't end up looking how it should. However, I worked with the design to get the dimensions right and adjustable, and I have found that making a Kristin is a fairly smooth process.

The Kristin is named after a friend who I know through my oldest sister, and who I spent a great deal of time with this summer when she came to stay with us for our sister's wedding. Kristin is a vegan and is very eco-conscious, and so I thought that naming his bag after her would be appropriate. (I haven't yet told her that I have named it after her, but maybe that doesn't matter.)

Kristin also has an awesome blog of her own documenting the Camino Frances pilgrimage she took from Pamplona, Spain to Santiago, Spain in 2009.

The Kristin is designed to be a grocery bag that you can use over and over again. It is machine washable, and I have designed the Kristin with three layers of material and with reinforced handles, so that it can carry heavy items. Additionally, the Kristin has an interior pocket for things like keys or a grocery list, and a pen holder. You can check out individual Kristins that I have for sale at my etsy store.
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