Thursday, March 18, 2010

The Robin

Today I want to write about the Robin. The Robin in a purse that I designed last fall.

The final version of the Robin came through several trial-attempts. I had been experimenting with pleats, and wanted to design a larger purse, and so last summer came up with a purse similar to the Robin except that it had no pockets.

When I went up to Bainbridge Island for a visit, my sister immediately liked it and even wanted to buy it from me and so I knew that I had struck on something gold (when people are actually going to offer money for something that is a good sign!)

However, later that summer I participated in the Alberta Artwalk and overheard some people looking at my purse and commenting that "it needed to have pockets".

This got my mind thinking, and so I decided to come up with another version of the purse that has two outside pockets plus one inside pocket and a pen holder!

Then, I took three of these purses to the Muddy Boots Festival in SE Portland last August and sold ALL THREE at the craft fair! I saw this as a good sign.

I myself thought that the purse was totally fab and started to use one myself! It was a good size, although I found it a little bit too large for my tastes; I found myself putting all sorts of things inside it that I really didn't need to be taking around at all.

For a long time I was at a loss about what to name this purse, and finally decided to name it "Robin" after a nice lady I know who commissioned me to make one of these purses for her out of her great aunt's tweed coat (I blogged about this on January 6th).

The Robin is made from 100% recycled materials, and is machine washable. You can see several of the Robins that i have for sale right here. They are on sale for $44.
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