Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Southeast Artwalk

This weekend, I will be a participant in the 7th Annual SE Portland Artwalk! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this event that has drawn over 100 local artists!

Although I am not currently a resident of SE Portland, I did live there (in Woodstock) for 8 months. And now I commute twice a week to the Hawthorne Neighborhood where I work as a nanny for two totally cute kids, Esther and Joseph! Just in case you don't want to take my word for it, here's a picture of them!

See? Wasn't I right?

Anyway, back to the point: the SE Artwalk. This Artwalk is the fruit of many of volunteered hours of local SE residents and artwalk participants! I will be selling my purses--handmade from recycled materials--in the "Old Wild Oats" building on the SW corner of SE 30th and Division.

The "Old Wild Oats" building will also be hosting Pinki Tuscadero, James Dunbar, Marcia Vander Schaaf, Mary Volm, Neil Werner, Nina Bindi, William Park, Richard Armstrong, Patrick Garrison, Thadeus Lu, and Anna Todaro. These artists work in the mediums of painting, mosaic, mixed media, glass, etching, ceramic and sculpture.

Can't tell you too much more about these artists right now....you'll just have to come visit us and see for yourselves! We will be showing our work on Saturday and Sunday March 6th and 7th at SE 30th and Division.

Be there!!!!!
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