Wednesday, March 31, 2010

SWAN day

Last Saturday I volunteered for CAN at SWAN Day at the Portland Expo Center. SWAN Day--"Support Women Artists Now"--takes place on the last Saturday in March, and is an international holiday that celebrates women artists. While volunteering at this event, I discovered some wonderful artists and going-ons.

CAN, btw, stands for "Creative Advocacy Network" and is an organization who's objective is to increase public funding for the arts in Portland to $15-$20 million a year, or about $25 per household, since Portland is under-funded compared to other metropolitan areas. CAN hopes to bring this measure to the voters in 2010-2011.

One artist showing her work at SWAN Day was Sienna Morris. Sienna is only 25 years old and draws pen and ink pictures using the numbers on a clock--1 through 12.

Sienna also shows her work at last Thursdays on Alberta.
Can you believe that she draws these pictures with numbers? The process of pen and ink means that there is no back-tracking (ie no mistakes, no erasers). The precision that she has achieved, then, is just amazing.

Another group that I found out about is Portland Women Writers. Portland Women Writers "offers inspiration and community support to bring out women's stories and to help them to develop the self-confidence to live a more authentic life."

SWAN Day also had women musicians playing all throughout the afternoon. All in all, it was a wonderful event, with many wonderful women artists as participants!!!
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