Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Eye Shadow Lady

"Welcome, my a place for all things 'odd'." writes Natasha, a 21-year-old Canadian who provides eye-make-up tutorials on u-tube for overdramatic looks as well as more wearable everyday looks.

These are REALLY GOOD eyeshadow videos! In the video she has one completed eye, and then she does the second in the video, so she takes you thorugh the process. This woman has eye make-up down to an art, and though I personally and suspect that many women (like myself) would not feel comfortable sporting the done-up look that she has on the video, almost any woman WOULD benefit from her expertise! (or men....geez, I am coming across like a sexist here!!!)

Plus she is a little bit quirky so the videos don't come across as at all pretentious.

She's fun and slightly bizairre; once in a video she takes us on a tour of her tiny apartment.

my eyeshadow is odd. You can watch her tutorials here, or follow her on twitter!
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