Saturday, April 10, 2010


Today I am going to write about Gussy, the purse business started by Maggie Whitley.

Maggie tells her story of her business on her blog, which is essentially that she lost her job and so in lieu of looking for new work she started her own purse business, and it sounds like she now works at another job and also works on her business.

Maggie also claims to be a talker and so sees her blog as a perfect outlet for talking and talking and talking. (Although in fact she is writing and writing and writing).

She's got a distinctive style to her purses; ruffles, and I think that they are very cute. She makes bags in several styles; I've pictured on this post a laptop bag and a coin purse.

Also on her blog she has noted that she's coming out with greeting cards that have her signature pleat sewn into the front of the card, which I think is very cute!

She's taken excellent photographs of her products.

Here's a picture of Mrs. Gussy, aka Maggie. Looks like she might have taken this one herself, I don't know.

Probably the biggest criticism that I would make about Gussy Purses is that it is very difficult to find her store from her blog, and also that the url addresses for her blog and her store are actually her name, "Maggie Whitley", when I think that the url ought to be for the name of her purses, Gussy.
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