Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Lidiya

The Lidiya is another of the pouches that I made when I began working with pleats. It is sort of like a make-up bag, or else a clutch I guess except that it doesn't have the handle that necessitates a 'clutch'!!!!!

The Lidiya is named after I roommate I once had who was Korean, but grew up in Tajikistan and who spoke Russian as her first language! Pretty complicated! She identified most with Russian culture, she says. We first met on a trip that I took to Tajikistan, and then when she moved to Seattle I said that she could be my roommate.

The Lidiya is 7-1/2" wide (9" at base) and 6" high. It closes with a 7" zipper. All Lidiyas have been handmade using recycled materials (except for zipper) and are machine washable. You can purchase a Lidiya here.
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