Thursday, April 22, 2010

New Mary Ellen Diaper Bag!

Hello There! Well at long last I have finally designed it! The Diaper Bag! If I had to name one item that has been most-requested and hardest for me to make, it would certainly be the diaper bag.

Came up with the design rather suddenly one evening, then put in about four hours to get it completed!

So it is basically a duffel bag, with two outside pockets that close with buttons, and the interior compartment also closes with two buttons.

The inside is lined with pockets that can be used for carrying things like diapers and binkeys and bottles!!

I have decided to name the purse Mary Ellen, after my mother. Since she has had 8 children, I can think of no better person to name this diaper bag after!

Here's a shot of my mother with my sister last August.

And here's a pic of all her children, take at the same time. We are all grown up now. (I'm the one in the pink dress~and I might point out as well that, thanks to these new granola-eating habits that I have been acquiring, that I have lost 13 pounds since this photo was taken! Thank God!)

Next month I intend to make several more of these Mary Ellen Diaper Bags, so STAY TUNED! They will be available at my etsy store as well as my website.
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