Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Duvet Cover

I just finished making this duvet cover for my sister. Or by 'finished', I should say, i mean that I have gotten as far as I am going to for the time being, until I show it to her next week to find out if she actually wants me to turn it into a duvet cover or a quilt instead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am guessing that she's going to go with duvet cover, in which case I can pick up a comforter at trusty rusty ikea, but who knows, I could be wrong, and she may want me to turn it into a QUILT!!!!!!!!!!!! In any event, I am prepared for either outcome :)

You may be asking me, why, Meghan, have you gone to this great effort to make a duvet cover for you sister? I will tell you: it is because she is GRADUATING! from COLLEGE!!!!! Yes, that is right, down in San Francisco, and I will be attending the graduation ceremony myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Going all the way down there on the train.....18 hour trip! (I'm flying home)

I've taken some WIP photos to show how it went together....started with small 9" squares,

then sewed the squares into strips,
then sewed the strips all together.

it went together remarkably quickly. These quilts look like a lot of work, when in fact they really aren't!!!! Or at least the ones that I MAKE aren't!!!! Because I keep the designs simple. I found this design somewhere on the Internet, I think at an etsy store. It is somewhat modified, but i like how that central square keeps moving around........

Can you believe it, this is the THIRD large quilt/duvet cover that I have made in under a YEAR!!!!! Looks like I have found a new hobby! Maybe on the next one I will challenge myself to something a little more complicated! yeah!
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