Monday, May 24, 2010

Martha's show

Last Saturday I attended my sister's graduation art show for BA Students at the University of San Francisco and it was the best art show that I have ever attended, with such engaging artwork and so full of life!

This are my sister's soap sculptures. She carved the heads and bodices from 59 cent bars of soap. She also showed a video of a soap bodice being worn down to nothing with water. (The symbolism of this was open to interpretation)

Here's a photograph of my sister Martha (right) and her friend Nichole.

Nichole's art display celebrated the Beatles; she created a Beatles sitting space with a scrapbook and music playing, with photographs of the band on the wall.

This is a scarf knitted by Bryan Gregori, creator of, who creates one of a kind clothing pieces because "people should wear clothing that expresses themselves without it having to worry about it being popular and worn by everyone."

I just loved this table, made from LP record sleeves.

This display showed a video and images and questioned non-profits, and how advertising compels people to give money to certain organizations.

The student who made this quilt sewed scraps fabric that held special significance for her over her life.

Here's a pic of Martha with the fam right after graduations!
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