Saturday, October 2, 2010

Andrea Lynne Photography

Today unfortunately marked (what will quite likely be) the LAST day for the Beaverton Art will be so sad to no longer see all of the wonderful crafters/artists who I have met this summer!

Here are some photographs from one particularly talented photographer who I met at the Art Court, Andrea Lynne!

Andi likes to take pictures from camping trips, while she is going walking, and trips to the ocean.

I LOVE this picture of the map as well! It could bear so much signifigance to people attached to this particular place. Andi also took the awesome photo of the skittles that I have pictured in my Bible Bag for Andi blog post.

This is Andi's first year selling, and she has been very dedicated to attending the Art Court...she started setting up in January, making bookmarks, photos, and cards.

Here is a picture of Andi herself, on the right, with her sister Melina.
Andi recenly set up an etsy store as well!
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