Tuesday, March 8, 2011

SE Artwalk Re-Cap

On March 5th and 6th I participated in the SE Portland Artwalk.  This is Marie Blanchard, one of the artists in the same room as me.  She has great ceramics and paintings, I purchased a refrigerator magnet from her!  

We sold our artwork in the Ford Building, at SE 11th and Division, with 50+ other artists.  This is art from Richard Armstrong, who lives in SE Portland and makes these paintings from volcanic ash.  His work is great in that it is weather-resistant, and so can be hung outside and/or near a garden.   

Here is some artwork from Fred Green, who does all of his work with paint pens.  His work is very colorful and fun, Fred was very sweet and gave me one of his small prints!  

This artwalk had a lot of visitors, was a good use of my time, since I sold several things, and also got ideas for new products, and met many new amazing and inspiring artists as well!  
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