Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer Craft Shows

Craft Shows have kept me quite busy this summer; yesterday marked my 20th show since
the middle of May!  

Here's some of the lovely artisan merchandise other vendors have been selling.  

These headbands have been made by Abby, with whom I had a very 

friendly chat at the Beaverton Art Court on Saturday!  

And here is some of Kate's teas; Kate spends much of her time selling 

fresh herbs at Farmer's Markets in McMinville and Lake Oswego, and sells the tea
as a side hobby!  

Here's some lovely pottery from the Summer Art on Main, Wednesdays
at the Portland Center for Performing Arts.  Loved this display!  

And Paul Gerald made quite a showing with his awesome display of 

two books he's written; Breakfast in Bridgetown, a self-published book reviewing Portland's Breakfast Scene, and
60 hikes within 60 miles of Portland.  Plus he's selling books by other local writers.  

And here is your's truely, the little display that I put together last night 
at the Alberta Art Walk.  

Here's my neighbor, Ilona who makes beadwork, and on the other side of me, 

"Shh...It's a Pipe", these are actually bracelet that double as pipes.  omg.  

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