Friday, September 23, 2011

New 'Sarah' Ruffle Purse

This post is about the genelogy, if you will, of this 

The purse design first started out looking like this 

it had five ruffles across the front,

A handle that attached at the end of the zipper

Plus a pocket in the back!  I liked this design, so 

created this purse, out of a skirt that my friend Andi gave me, of 
'Andrea Lynne photography"  (we vend together at the Art Court)

It was a nice purse; one of the major flaws, however, was 
the back pocket, it stretched all the way across  the purse
 and so was just a little too large.  

Finally, I came up with this purse.  I like that it has three ruffles, meaning
that it takes less time to make.  

And an interior pocket that can also hold a pen.  

Plus, the back pocket is a little bit smaller; it only stretches about 2/3 of the was
across the back, so is a good size for keys or cell phone,
or those small pieces of paper that have a way of 

Here she is; I just made this one this week.  Two of these purses are for sale on etsy, 
and I will also be selling some at the Beaverton Art Court on Saturday.  

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