Friday, September 16, 2011
This is a checkbook holder that I finished making on Tuesday.

Handmade checkbook holder

it is a new's a little bit about the process that I 
went through to make it!  

First, I started out just making a checkbook design out of 

white sheet; something really simple, and outlined where the jean,
stripes, and MegExpressions stamp would be.

Next, I put this together.  I liked it, but felt like the 
lip was a little bit too oval at the edges.  

So next, I came up with this design, very similar, except 
that the lip is slightly wider on the edges.  

Here's the interior, where i've put the ME Tag,

And inside the pocket, where you can see I've sewn an additional
card pocket.  

This is the back; more of the striped pattern, and some 
jean as well!
Already have some of these for sale in my etsy shop  

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