Friday, October 14, 2011

The Feng-Shui Prosperity Frog

Ruth came by my booth at the Art Court this past Saturday and purchased a 'Lizzy' for her 11-year old great niece.

She's been by before.  Ruth is a sweet and friendly woman in whom I have found a true MegExpressions fan!!!!

Ruth was also the first person to tell me that having my frog-prince logo at my table would bring about wealth and prosperity.  Many, many visitors to my booth  have commented likewise.

I even sold this small 'Denise' pouch to a 60-year old man in part because he wanted to be carrying a coin purse with a frog on it!  

Apparently in feng-shui, frogs = wealth and prosperity.

Ruth recommended to me that I put one in my home; putting one by the front door will bring wealth in, and by the backdoor it will channel wealth out.  

I've done a little more reading on the subject and have discovered that the prosperity frog may only work for a time,

and that additionally, it is important to have an energy connection with the wealth frog in order to see wealth and prosperity come into your home!

Maybe I will have to give the feng-shui prosperity frog a try.  It seems so much simpler to place a frog by the front door than to practice more traditionally accepted methods for obtaining and maintaing employment such as accountability, education and maintaing personal hygiene.

For one year anyway.  Then I'll see where I am $at$.

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