Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chuck Klosterman: Fun Intense Intellectual from North Dakota

Chuck Klosterman came to speak at Powells last night to a crowded room of devoted fans.  "Everyone knows that the dullest part of any book reading is the actual reading", he told us before he proceeded to read from his new book "The Visible Man"

Then he opened it up to questions on any topic.  In his answers, he took the opportunity to do what he seems to enjoy most; comment on popular culture.

Someone asked whether he still plays sims, and Klosterman digressed to talk about how the use of the telephone has changed from the 80s--"there was no answering machine back then, so if the phone rang you had no choice but to listen to it ring or to answer it."  He also bemoaned the frequency of asinine blog comments--sometimes the person commenting hasn't even made the effort to read the blog post-- and the differences between Lady Gaga and Brittany Spears (BS's celebrity image was produced by other people; LG's image has been crafted largely by herself).

I felt like I was listening to an unusually intellectual comedian.  He has a very down to earth and approachable demeanor, coming dressed in a t-shirt and zippered hooded sweatshirt, and an intensity and eccentricity that makes him comical to listen to.

For a good time, check this guy out!  He may be coming to your town next!
Or you can listen to him interviewed by Marc Maron on WTF, in an exceptionally funny Live show in Brooklyn. 

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