Saturday, October 29, 2011


A San Francisco man trapped himself into a baby swing on Tuesday on a dare.  He used dishwashing soap to get his legs through the holes on the swing, but then could not get himself out.  By the time police found him 9 hours later his friends had abandoned him.  Tragically, it appears that his ego may never recover from this event.

In other breaking news, this week Fred Meyer will be opening its 107th Super-Mega Shopping Center within the Portland area.

"This one is going to be really really big," Fred Meyer CEO commented.

In addition to grocery, technology, furniture, and clothing departments, this store, which will occupy 7 city blocks, is also offering dry cleaning, pet-shampooing, doggy and children daycares, a sit down restaurant, and a gym.

 Compasses will be handed out to customers when they enter, along with a map.

The store will also offer overnight accommodations for those who wish to make a mini-vacation out of their shopping experience.  

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