Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fun Fabric Scraps from Sara at GoGingham!!

Here's my favorite of the scraps that
Sara gave me; at one point this was a dress sleeve.  I love
the sweet roses; wish that I had WAY more of this

Just a few weeks ago, Sara Tetreault of the blog Go Gingham generously donated an awesome bag of fabric scraps to me, which I have used in several of my creations this week.
These sweet little Florence purses have been a top seller for little girls;
I love the sweet Calicos and yellow gingham that Sara gave me.
I've incorporated some of the rose-calico fabric into
these tissue holders.

Tomorrow and Sunday I'll be selling these at the St. Anthony Bazaar in Forest Grove, and will be putting more online soon!  


Sara Tetreault said...

Meg! These are wonderful. It warms my heart to see how the blouse was used, the lining for our vintage trunk was used...I could go on and on. Thank you for doing this post and sharing. I'm so glad to see my scraps being given new life. You are very talented!!

MegExpressions said...

Yes, it is amazing to see how the 'old can become new again'; have been having fun with the scraps you gave me, thanks again!!!

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