Monday, November 21, 2011

"The Gospel According to Mark" by Jorge Luis Borges New Yorker Fiction podcast with Paul Theroux

So anyway, yeah.  If I were you I'd listen to this podcast....or perhaps I should say if you were me, you would have listened to this podcast....approximately 18 billion times!!!   Since this is in fact what I have done.  And why?  Because it is so goddamned good, that is why.  Such a brief story; (spoiler alert!) of a young Argentine who is crucified by some Gauchos after he reads them the Gospel according to Mark; but "deftly written" (Paul Theroux quote); the kind which you CAN listen to over and over (and over and over) again and continue get more out of it!!!  

Today I listened to it while doing a little paper-crafting--but more on that later.  Good story, good before and after reflections with author Paul Theroux and New Yorker Fiction editor Deborah Treisman.  


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