Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Saturday at the Art Court

An interesting visitor approached my table of purses and accessories at the Beaverton Art Court this weekend, the last show of the season.  Unusual in part because, unlike 98% of the visitors who look at my purses, he was not of the female persuasion.   But there's more to it than that.

He began to sort intently through the purses and accessories, with a desperate look on his face.

"Can I help you find something?"  I asked.

"Not something," he told me.  "Someone."
He unfortunately did not elaborate on any of the details, but said with dreamy, far-away look on his face, "I just finished running the Portland Marathon, and as I crossed the finish line, all I could see was her face."

"Ah," I responded.  "Well if you want to get her back you're going to have to do something dramatic."

And I suggested this purse to him.

"No," he said.  "She really likes to play tennis.  I'd better go with something bigger."

So he decided on this purse, which is in fact large enough to fit a tennis racket inside of it!  Plus, it has short handles for carrying with your hands, and long handles to carry over your shoulder.

He had a t-shirt that he had purchased for another vendor.  "This will go great wtih the purse," he said as he stuffed it inside.  

"Good luck." I gave him a pat on the back, and he went on his way.

With this story, I want to address a group of people who I have largely ignored in my aggressive marketing campaign; men; and to emphatize to you that no matter what you have done, in whatever context, to whatever woman, that you can win her back!!!

Buying one of these purses will help you.  Trust me, she will be thrilled.  As thrilled as the woman in this picture.

(pretend for a second that the ring is a purse with a t-shirt in it)

Evern better, find a shirt, to stuff inside the purse, perhaps one from here, or here, or even here.  That will put you off to a good start :) 

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