Tuesday, November 8, 2011

St. Pius X Women's Bazaar

Here's my purse and accessory display at the Bazaar.  
This weekend I participated in the St. Pius X Women's Club Bazaar in Cedar Mills, a happy gathering of many fun and talented artisans.  
These are some of the items that I had for sale.  
Here is some of the beautiful pottery of MamiYamada, who I also have sold with at the Beaverton Art Court!

Look at her totally cute plaques!  Love the quotes.  

Here's a biz card holder that I purchased from Mami--LOVE it!!!  

Check out this beautiful crochet, at the booth next to me.  I love images created from crochet! 

Too cute!  This is a mini-fabric studio, would have loved to have purchased this for my 
studio space.  

And here is a pizza studio that she has created as well.  So so cool.  what a fun weekend!  

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