Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Laziness Challenge

So anyway, yeah.  I am a lazy blogger, sometimes going for days, weeks, or even months between posts; ten days have already elapsed since my last post~  

~but I'm beginning to see that laziness may not be a deplorable attribute.  Last Sunday's NYT featured dancer Ashley Bouder's Sunday Routine; in the course of given Sunday, Bouder says that she sleeps until 10 or 11, drinks up to three glasses of wine, takes her dogs on three walks, spends 3-4 hours watching television and reading, plus finds time to bake and cook omlets for herself!  Hot damn.    

And I found myself trying to recall whenever I had spent a day in a similarly leisurely manner....it certainly hasn't been recently; nor, does it appear, will I be having time to laze in the near future.  Take this coming Sunday for example; I'll be having some friends over for a cookie exchange, which means that I'll be awake between 6 and 7 and spending hours cleaning, buying groceries, and cooking.  Do those sound like leisurly activities????????????????????????  Not hardly.  Add to that spending the afternoon playing the hostess; that trying chore of looking presentable and finding pleasant things to say!

And so Bouder's Sunday Routine has really inspired me: in addition to losing the 2-3 pounds I'm gaining from eating non-stop during these holiday weeks, in January I'm also going to resolve to become lazy.  Yes, you did read this correctly; next year  I am going to put myself to a laziness challenge, and to carve out do-nothing time to read, and read, and read, and drink and watch all of those television shows that people always talk about and which I know nothing about.  (Example; Jersey Shore).  Maybe I will also buy myself one of those really cushy couches that you sink several feet inside of every time you sit down.      

How good are you at being lazy?
One way to check it to do a simple inventory of things in your home;

How many bath bombs do you own?  (And when was the last time you took a bath?)
How many bottles of wine, maragarita fixings, or bottles of Baileys are lurking in your fridge or pantry?
How many pairs of sweatpants and slippers do you own?


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