Friday, January 27, 2012

Dove Chocolates, Up in the Air, Valentines Purses, and Christopher Buckley

So I've been eating entirely too much chocolate lately.

Dove puts a little message inside of the wrapper

Some other messages from ones that I just ate;  "Share a Sunset"and "Make somebody melt today"  

Pretty insipid.  But I'll tell you something that is NOT insipid.  The Movie "Up in The Air"  (Yes, I know that it is old news, but I've finally seen it).  Now THAT is a good movie.  I like how it followed three characters, had some well-developed female characters, and demonstrated that people can have lives who don't have lives in the traditional sense.

So anyway, yeah.  I've put together some Valentine-themed items.  

Lots and lots of pink,


and white.  Was listening to lots and lots of Christopher Buckley while I put these together.  Do I like him?  Well enough anyway.  "Boomsday" is entertaining, but had to stop listening to that 'mum and pup' memoir; all of the name dropping made me want to vomit.  

Going to put my shop on sale pretty soon,

Maybe even as soon as this afternoon.  So come on by.....

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