Thursday, February 9, 2012

New Card Holders, Meryl Streep and the Comedy Film Nerds.....

So anyway, yeah.  Here's what's been keeping me busy this week.

Some nice little card holders.  Just posted them to my etsy store  

Listened to a little Salmon Rushdie while making these....Rushdie reading "The BodyGuard" by Donald Barthleme, that is.  Interesting fellow, that Rushdie, he wrote a piece for Vanity Fair recently, in memory of Christopher Hitchens.  Those Iranians really came down hard on him, he says they still are sending him a nice little note each Valentines Day saying that they intend to kill him.  My Valentines Day almost looks bright and cherry by comparison.  

Also an interview with Meryl Streep on Fresh Air   with Terri Gross.  For all her fame, Streep strikes me as an unusually down-to-earth woman.  Maybe that is just an act.  Haven't seen "Iron Lady" yet, although the Comedy Film Nerds  gave it some negatory reviews, saying that it focused too much on the end of her life, too little on her relationship with Reagan, too little on Russia.  It would be like watching a documentary on Muhhamad Ali and having it mostly show the end of his life when he's hobbling around with a cane, with a few flashbacks to his days as a fighter.  Ha ha, those guys are pretty funny.  In their most recent episode they suggested that the character who played Shaggy in Scooby Doo should be in the next Steig Larson movie.  

Just HAVE to post this as well, a little gem that I discovered from podcast land; the "don't send my deceased grandmother to planet Zolopt, Romney!" political ad from Bill Maher.  Highly recommended, kept me laughing for days.

K, so the big question that I have regarding these photos is; do the cardholders look better on WOOD, or WHITE?

Please advise.  

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