Thursday, February 16, 2012

New Iphone Holders!

I've been making lots of iphone holders this week.  Made these just a smidge larger than the other 
iphone holders that I have for sale in my store; increased the width and lengh by 1/8".  Plus I added an additional 'stripe' to the design; the older iphone holders had just three stripes on the front and the back.  

There is so much going on in podcast land that I listened to while making these iphone holders. 
On Fresh Air, Terri Gross interviewed Actress Viola Davis from "The Help"; Davis made the point that since she is browner than a paper bag, she tends to end up playing roles as maids or servants in movies. 

NYT Sunday Editorial made a similar point and quotes Hattie McDaniel, who played "Mammy" in "Gone with the Wind"  as saying, "Why should I complain about making $700 a week playing a maid?  If I didn't, I'd be making $7 a week being one."  

Nathan Englander discusses his book "What we talk about when we talk about Anne Frank" on Fresh Air, plus his most recent translation of the Haggadah; he and Terri Gross have an interesting discussion over his decision to reference God as "King of the Cosmos" rather than "Our God".  That is a pretty complicated theological point!  Gross makes the deplorable point that the Haggadah includes too much praise for God.  As if.    

He is a funny guy; Englander; will be speaking this Friday at Powells; maybe I'll see him, although I had plans to see the Muppets.

And I also listened to really awesome interview on Seattle Voices with Seattle U Professor John McKay, who talked extensively about his experiences of being fired as a US Attorney.  McKay says that even though as a US Attorney he took an oath to uphold the Constitution and so to be apolitical, he was fired by the Bush Admin. when they sensed that he wasn't sufficiently backing Republicans.  

   Probably the most interesting thing McKay said was that "political parties are an obstacle of the common good today".  He says that the mission of the parties today is not to advance programs for the common good, but to become the majority.    

There's really so many good programs out there!  Here's some iphone holders I just made this afternoon, from mid-way to finish;

The linings and button holders and outsides all lined up here...

And all finished!  Oh, aren't they sweet with the gingham and paisley fabrics?      



Carol Browne said...

Adorable! I love the stripes! And the little handle. I haven't seen others with the little handle. Cute!

Documenting my said...

Thank you Carol! A woman recommended to me that I put the handle on so that the iphone holder can be held on a belt loop with a carabiner.

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