Friday, February 24, 2012

New Large Zippered Bag Design

So I've joined a jogging group in these past 5 weeks or so, and have found that none of the purse I normally carry are large enough for the many things I seem to need when I am meeting for a workout.   Plus, none of my large purses have zippers, which is something that I would like to have for security purses when I am leaving my bag somewhere then taking off for a run.  And so I've envisioned a new bag, and finally put it together this week.

This is the interior; I've cut it from repurposed sheet, a double layer, and pinned the pocket to the inside.  

Here is the purse coming together; I decided to make denim handles and use a repurposed red pair of shorts, the color combo looked nice.  I've attached the outside and inside to a 14" purple zipper.  

I've sewn the inside together in this picture, and cornered the base;

I really like the way that the zipper turned out!  It's about an inch deep inside the purse.  

This is some of the patchwork that I have done, just a simple striped pattern, it includes pockets on both the front and the back of the purse.  

And here is the finished purse!  I put some more red on the base to finish it off.  

I really like it, it is a good size since I tend to run a few errands on my way to work out, ie the grocery store or library. 

And there is the zipper.  It has really inspired me; probably will be doing some experimentation in how I can use this same zipper design on various sized purses and clutches.  Although this purse 'does the trick' for what I needed it for, I'm not sure if I will make any others to sell in my store; maybe I will work a little bit more with the design before I sell any of these.  

A side view of the purse; you can see one of the pockets (there is a second pocket on the other side).  

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