Monday, February 20, 2012

Weekend Quilting Project and Listening to Marc Maron, Bill Maher

Spent the weekend chilling, drinking wine, and putting together more and more squares of the quilt I'm making; realize that I'll have to make about 80 of these squares total so that the quilt will lay flat on a twin bed.

So it will be a few more Sundays, but I have really made some progress.  Looking forward to seeing how this will turn out; and trying to decide how I will quilt it; either with ties as I have done on so many of my quilts in the past, or actually quilt this one and stitch the top of the quilt to the bottom.

Quilting can be a tedious process on a table machine; which is why I'm leaning towards tying it together; except that it looks better (I think) when it has been quilted rather than tied.  We'll see what I end up doing.

In podcast land, I listened to a VERY good Marc Maron podcast while sewing these squares; he interviews Bill Maher; Maher comes across as very eloquent and intelligent; almost making the ever-crass Marc look slimy and unrefined on his own show! 

Maher discusses how he wanted to put together a politically focused show, how it took him a long time to get there as well as his experiences of being kicked off of 'Politically Incorrect'.

The two of them made some pithy political cultural observations;  Maher says that "all of politics these days is getting people riled up," and then Marc really resurrects himself with this comment (I'm paraphrasing);

This is how I plan to put the quilt together
"politics is like sporting event, and can be disillusioning for intelligent people in that the fight for the morons brain is paramount; for example the idea that a 30 second bullshit commercial will change a persons mind about who to vote for."  

Then the two of them really lay in on Mormons!  Wow.  Marc says that after some time spent in Salt Lake City, he thinks that the fact that Romney is Mormon is reason enough not to vote for him, "because that is some crazy shit" and Maher holds no bars back and says "On my worst days of being high on shitty dirt weed, I never came up with stuff that was as ridiculous (as Mormonism.)"

Ah, I just love listening to these raw, uncensored opinions that you find on podcasts!

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