Monday, February 13, 2012

Work In Progress Quilt, Obama and the Contraception Issue

Today I did a little work on a quilt that I'm making for myself.  Have realized that over the past few years I've cranked out probably 5-7 baby quilts and at least two queen-size quilts, all of which I've given away.  So I think that now I'm due to make one for myself; plus it never hurts to have some additional blankets around the house, for cold days and also for company.

It's a pretty simple quilt, I am hoping that the fabric that I have will be enough to make this at least a good size for a twin bed.  I'm going to juxtapose the lighter colors will the darker ones.  I will post more as the quilt progresses!

It's been hard to do anything these past few days without seeing or hearing about Obama's birth control mandate that all organizations--including Catholic ones--provide free birth control (and possibly abortion services?) in their health care plans; and the Catholic Bishop's reaction to it.  I've found this situation deeply disconcerting; to realize that people such as our president see access to contraception and abortion as such an implicit right that it trumps religious liberty.

Many people may not realize this, but Catholics are actually required to be pro-life; what I mean to say is that supporting a woman who is having an abortion (including helping her pay for one) is criteria for excommunication!  And the Catholic Church has repeatedly been outspoken against using birth control and in favor of Natural Family Planning.  It is surprising to me that Obama isn't intelligent enough to understand that these are such fundamental Catholic positions, with all of the years that he spent at Harvard.  Maybe what is means is that he is so extremist in his views that he simply does not care about what Catholics think and believe; in which case he is being unconstitutional.

As difficult as it is for me to side with an ultra-conservative Catholic, maybe Laura Ingraham was when in The Obama Diaries she said that Obama has managed to disguise himself and his family as "All-American" (hence the dozens of shots of him and his family eating ice cream cones) when in fact he is ultra-progressive (as in fringe-progressive).

In any event, I certainly hope that this won't indicate a gradual lessening of religious liberties in the US; but I'm inclined to think that certain individuals within the US government would like to have the Catholic Church in the same place where China has it.  In China it is actually against the law to practice Catholicism, and that people who do so (underground) are punished.    

I'll probably write a letter to Obama, or an Oregon Senator about this.  With lent around the corner, a more practical solution would be prayer and fasting for an end to this contraceptive mentality that has possessed so much of Western culture, as "the demon can only be driven out through prayer and fasting."  Mark (9:29)

Also just got these buttons in the mail today from WornTreasures.  She has some really great buttons, at great prices.  I have just loved them in the past.  These are going to help me out with some iphone holders that I plan to make later on this week.

Here's a freebie pack that she sent to me-wow, how generous of her!  

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