Monday, March 5, 2012

New Card Holders! (And Weird-Al)

Here's a little stack of card holders I put together last week!  

They are designed to hold just a few credit cards and business cards (about 5-10)

And it has a snug design so that the cards won't fall out.  

It has a front and back pocket; the back pocket is great for carrying things like cash, or receipts.  

Here's a close-up of some of the stitching.  I think that some women like a card holder like this, it's very very simple, not a huge, complex wallet.  At this point, I only have this one for sale in my etsy store.

Marc Maron actually interviewed Weird-Al on his WTF podcast, which I listened to while putting these card holders together.  

Weird-Al seems very humble and down to earth despite his mega-success and fame; at one point he told Marc that he performs at County Fairs, and Marc responded by saying that he was too much of a snob to do something like that.  He also interviewed Diablo Cody a few days later.  I really liked Juno.  Didn't care for the anti-Catholic sentiment in the interview.

I'll be listing more of these card holders this week....stay tuned!  


Riet said...

They look lovely

Indrani said...

This interesting.
A green theme.

MegExpressions said...

Thanks for your comments! Yes, all of the accessories that I sell are made from recycled materials.

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