Monday, August 29, 2016

Bottomweight Fabrics!

I've added a whole new selection of choices to my bottomweight-fabric items!  

These collages demonstrate cotton fabric (for the exterior of the products) with bottom weight fabrics as the lining.  The thicker bottom weight fabrics add durability to the products.  

I have a variety of items that I sell using these templates, 
including this card sleeve, that I have for sale in this cute whale print!

These boxes I also sell.  This box is perfect of laundry money, holding keys, or small trinkets.  

This box is larger and holds things like pens, or makes a larger catchall for the top of a dresser (to hold keys, pocket change, etc.)

I also sell this checkbook pouch, which is lined (like the other products above) with thick bottomweight fabric.  

Here's the same checkbook pouch in a cute butterfly print!  

And finally, here's some fun clutches that I sell in these same fabric choices.  

Thanks for reading, and please stop by my shop to purchase these fun bottom weight fabrics in the new fabric styles.  

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