Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quebec City

Today I visited the fabulous city of Quebec City~! What a wonderful visit it was....our wonderful tour guide told us lots of fun facts about Quebec City; including that Quebec City is generally 4-8 degrees cooler than Montreal, "Quebec" is Algonquian for "where the river narrows" (the city of Quebec is situated where the St. Lawrence River is narrow), and that it was founded in 1608 which means that this year it celebrated its 400th birthday! They celebrated by having (free) concerts with Paul McCartney, Celene Dion and Circe De Sou lie!

Quebec City is very pretty in the fall. It was decorated very beautifully for fall and Halloween, with lots of pumpkins. It is a very clean city with lots of Churches (97% of the population is Catholic) and looks very old-fashioned and European.

It has about 700K people (vs. Montreal which has about 3 million). It can get as cold as -30 degrees C in the winter, and 85-90 in the summer, so it truly has all four seasons!!! All of the government offices that run the provinces of Quebec are in QC, so when the tourism season ends with the cold weather, the city still employees 35K civil servants.

Quebec City was attacked six times because of its strategic location on the St. Lawrence River, which connects the great lakes with the Atlantic. It does not have underground transportation because it was built on top of the hardest stone in the world. 16% of the worlds fresh water comes from the province of Quebec, making water one of the provinces major resources!!!

Quebec also has a beautiful hotel called the Chateau Frontenac which was where Winston Churchill and Roosevelt met to plan their strategy for d-day!!!

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