Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Coffeeshops in Portland

I have already had the chance to waste away many hours in several coffeeshops in Portland! Here are some of my favorites!!!

Vivaces -- 23rd and Pettygrove
This place has REALLY REALLY good crepes. My friend told me about it several years ago, and we would go there after we had cruised ultra-trendy 23rd avenue. Some of my favorite crepes are the ice cream and banana crepe (you really need two people to finish this) and the nutella/strawberry and whip cream crepe!!! I have never been a fan of healthy crepes, although people tell me that they are quite good.

CoffeeTime -- 712 NW 21st
A friend recommended this place to me, and I can see why! If you are planning to spend a LOT of time in a coffeeshop (ie taking a nap, spending the night :), or just have some work to get done on the computer, then this is a great place to go. (Although the service actually is really lazy). It's a HUGE coffeeshop, and the rooms just keep going back further and further. It also has really long hours, even opening around 6:00 am on Sundays. I heard that it used to be open 24-7, and offered free coffee to college students in the evening, but apparently those days are over.

Rimsky-Korsakoffeehouse -- 12th and Alder, SE
My book group just met here and it really has a lot of character! The table that we sat at REVOLVED really really slowly so that we didn't realize it until all of a sudden we saw that our things were on the other side of the table!!!! Apparently it also has a table that moves up and down very slowly and another that shocks people! And the bathroom has a fake dead corpse! And the waiter was HILARIOUS, joining in on our book group discussion, and even sitting down with us to offer his own insights.

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