Sunday, February 8, 2009

First Thursday Artwalk

I just went on the First Thursday Artwalk in NW Portland! We started out at the City Hall, which had artwork in an African-American theme. Saw a nice pastel drawing of the new first family. Also had free beer, PLUS Portland's infamous mayor Sam Adams made an appearance!!! From there, we went to Powell's books, where we saw the original etchings for a new children's book. After this, we went to the Lawrence Gallery, which has originals of Dali and Picasso as well as beautiful local artwork!!!

We wound up our artist evening at BackSpace, which is a coffeeshop/internet cafe by day, but turns into a pretty hip place in the evening, with drinks, and a turntable, and breakdancing! Also made a pit-stop at the Everett Lofts, which are homes to artists who open up their space to artists once a month to look at the art they have created during the previous four weeks.

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