Saturday, February 14, 2009


If you are ever in Fremont in Seattle, be sure to pop into Tininha's Botique. She has lots of nice clothes, including several items from FLUXnoveau.

On their website,, FLUXnouveau describes its clothing philosophy as "effortless clothing that translates well in any situation. It is a creation of a relationship between personality and style, clothing with its own character fusing with your individuality and spirituality. Creating it is an art, wearing it is an art… l’art de vivre."

FLUXnouveau has a flowing style; lots of half-dresses; and generally makes clothing in more subdued colors; dark browns, blues, and light pinks. FLUXnoubeau is based out of LA, and attends trade shows all along the West coast, in Hawaii, Dallas, and New York City.

If only I could afford all of this line's wonderful clothing!!

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